Mark Armbruster's headshotMark received his B.F.A. in photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1992 and his MS in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Maryland in 2019. He has spent much of his professional career working as a Creative Director for companies like AOL, PayPal and Verizon. He has exhibited his photography in several group shows and his work has been published in several magazines. From 1991 to 1993 he had the privilege to work as a studio assistant to New Orleans artist Dawn DeDeaux. He has held various positions in commercial photography: creating studio, portrait and location photography for a variety of clients. He currently is Creative Director of Verizon’s Global Learning and Development organization where he continues to utilize photography and design skills managing a team of design and video professionals.

Marks current work is influenced and inspired by changes that are occurring in nature. Specifically in documenting or portraying the various visual effects humans have had on the landscape. In an effort to create a dialog about what is happening to our planet and how our decisions and our lack of concern or power to affect change is effecting the environment we live in. The imagery used to communicate these issues sometimes is not immediately recognized or apparent in its approach. The point of the imagery is to create a visual interest and a moment to discover deeper meanings and purpose in the landscapes we inhabit. To ponder our place in the world from a holistic and philosophical context.

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