Mark received his B.F.A. in photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art and his Masters from the University of Maryland. He has spent much of his professional career working as a Creative Director for companies like AOL, PayPal and Verizon. He has exhibited in several group shows and his work has been published in several magazines.

Mark’s current work is in reaction to climate change and societies lack of interest, knowledge and action needed to make significant changes to reverse it’s current course.

Utilizing non-traditional landscape imagery as a backdrop for painted graphs and charts that are representations of data from studies on climate change and its numerous effects on our environments. The pictured landscapes are recognizable, but also taken from a vantage point that shows larger structures of global commerce, energy resources and industrialization at play in our own backyards. The imagery shows scenes of wild grasslands, sea scapes, burnt desert forests, receding reservoirs, communities on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay and the dense urban infrastructure of Baltimore city. Visual data depicted by dots, lines and patterns allow this imagery to show through and blend with the painted colors and textures. The graphs illustrate data from climate studies that are relevant to those environments and speak to phenomenon like global sea level rise, greenhouse gas emissions, temperature extremes, drought, wild fires, ground water loss, and much more.