distracted landscapes

Distracted Landscapes is a series of images that were created from 2014 to 2019. The series consists of landscapes in differing and unusual perspectives, photographed and rendered in ways to depict them in painterly, abstracted or non-representational ways.

By removing the subject from the familiar it allows the viewer to approach the images from a fresh perspective, to question and contemplate their contents. Ultimately in an effort to spark curiosity and reflection on the land, its formation and the effects humans have had on it.

Some of the images show the effects of time and geology on the earth’s surface. While others contain elements of human’s effect on and within similar landscapes. From roads cutting across salt flats, and through mountainous terrain, to secluded and remote airports and extraction mines and their processing plants dug deep into the surface. Round Alfalfa fields growing in the dessert, feed by deep underground water reserves to scenes showing manufactured irrigation systems.

The images are intentionally rendered and processed to represent realistic colors and surfaces as they were actually seen and experienced, as well as to render them removed or foreign from the natural world as we know it.